Catherine Clover & Jordan Lacey

Leading the sound project are sound artists Catherine Clover and Jordan Lacey. Both accomplished artists, they share a common interest in the sonic explorations of the city and urban ecologies. 


Catherine Clover

Catherine is an independent artist working with the sonic considerations of urban ecologies. Her artworks are collaborative and include sound-works, installations, external public artworks, performances, radio and artist books. She exhibits regularly, presents at academic conferences nationally and internationally, and teaches at postgraduate level.


jordan lacey

Jordan is an RMIT vice-chancellor’s postdoctoral fellow, whose background includes Artistic Research and Environmental Science and Management and . Jordan's research is located at the interface of sonic arts and urban design, investigating the role of sound installations in the development of creative cities and improved social health and wellbeing.




invited artists

Artists are invited to contribute field recordings and soundscape compositions made in Melbourne’s urban and suburban environment, including remnant grasslands in outer suburban areas. Rather than looking back or trying to emulate a kind of speculative pristine wilderness that may or may not have once existed, artists are asked to embrace the notion of broken ecologies and work with what we have now, embracing the maladaptive, mixed and complex conditions that we have in our cities today. The format will be two channel field recordings – external recordings – of the sonic components that make up a biodiverse habitat, including plants, shrubs, trees, animals, insects and humans. The recordings can be made in both urban and suburban settings such as parks, suburban gardens and backyards as well as rural Victoria.

Application Requirements

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